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Community Guidelines, Safety, and Security


  • ISOC / OCS is private property
  • We may photograph and/or videotape any person on the property
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry or require any person that has already entered to leave the property for failure to comply with any of our rules.
  • We reserve the right to enforce all post Rules and any unposted Rules that violates the safety and security of others.

These Rights are subject to change at any time without notice.



  • No parking in a marked DISABLED Parking spot without a Disabled Placard OR Disabled License Plate.
  • No parking/blocking any gates #1-5
  • No fighting (verbal or physical) and weapons of any kind
  • No loitering/socializing in the parking lots
  • No artificial noise makers
  • No vehicular racing/speeding or revving engines
  • No recreational devices such as drones, remote-controlled toys, skateboards, scooters, skates, bicycles or shoes with built-in wheels
  • No entering of restricted/secured areas
  • Any person under the age of 18 identified to be unaccompanied AND in violation of any of these rules, shall be placed in Childcare, for their safety, until either their parent(s), legal guardian and/or police arrive.
  • No interfering with ISOC / OCS Staff duties or Security-related incidents

These Rules are subject to change at any time without notice.


Violation notices will be left on the vehicles and pictures taken for....

  • Parking in Disabled spots WITHOUT a Disabled Placard OR Disabled License Plate.
  • Parking over a line that consumes a second spot or prevents a vehicle from parking properly next to you.

Vehicles will be towed if...

  • You park in a Reserved spot NOT intended for you
  • You park your vehicle that blocks any Gate 1-5